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After several years of working in both London and Stockholm, Sarah has built up a wealth of experience in Costume Design and Supervising. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 2013, she remained in London to work with both theatre and lm.

She has experience in sewing, pattern cutting, dying and aging of fabrics and garments, and one of her greatest qualities is the way that she calmly goes into each project, and quickly adapts to new situations.

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Mikael Håfström, Thomas Alfredsson, Pernilla August, Michael Marcimain, Karin Franz Körlof, Hugo Lilja & Pella Kågerman, Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein, Pernille Fischer Christensen, Fredde Granberg & Thomas Claesson, Mikael Lindgren, Andreas Öhman, Björn Runge, Karin Fahlén, Mani Masserat, Bill Schumacher, Peter Pontikis, Linnéa Roxeheim, Maria Eriksson Hecht, Joakim Thörn, Philippe Tempelman, Henrik Hanson, Jon Holmberg, Daniel Lundh, Sebastian Hedin, Magnus Renfors, Carl Sundemo, Martin Åkerhage, Fredrik Edfeldt, Emiliano Goessens.

Production Companies

BAcademy, FLX, Nordisk Film, Atmo, Avanti Film, Garage Film, B-reel, Naive, Indio, Strix Drama, Stellanova, Zentropa, Eyeworks, Spark Film, Hobby Film, Snask, Social Club, Acne, Thelma & Louise, Made in Halmstad, Crosby, Giants & Toys, Bleck, Bleckout.


Berts Dagbok, Se upp för Jönssonligan, Quick, The Wife, Swoon (Eld & Lågor), Unga Astrid, Downsizer, All Inclusive


Robssons, Den sista sommaren, Panik iTomteverkstan, Blå Ögon, Portkod 1525


Svenska Spel, Nordea, OBS!, ZYN, Synoptik, SVT Drama, HSB, Coop, Telia, Volvo, Pilot, Bravo, Mall of Scandinavia, A-Z, SPP, Guardian Glass, Jackpot Joy,


Darin, Kaliffa feat. Syster Sol, Petter, Adrian Lux, tAKIDA, Jeniferever.