Sara (she/they) works to establish consent-based work environments, clear communication, brave spaces and exciting storytelling. She is an advocate for diversity, minority and identity rights, and for expanding perspectives on gender and sexuality. Sara is trained in communicative leadership, conflict resolution, mental first aid and bystander intervention alongside her physical theatre and urban dance training. Before starting off her journey as an Intimacy Coordinator Sara worked as a dramaturg and assistant director within the tv, film and performing arts sector. She has a BA in Social Anthropology, and a MA in International Performing Arts. India has played a big part in Sara’s professional life, where she is a founding member of The Intimacy Collective, the first Indian organisation working to improve intimacy work. Sara is looking to continue her international work and hopes to join hands with people with different expertise and skill sets across the globe.

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Björn Runge, Eddie Åhgren, Felix Herngren, Måns Herngren, Adam Pålsson, Henrik Schyffert, Johan Nordling, Kristina Humle & Lisa Farzaneh, Alexis Weak, Angelika Abramovitch, Erika Calmeyer, Maceo Frost, Linn Mannheimer, Johan Rosell, Rojda Sekersöz, Hanna Sköld, Lina Åström, Gustav Möller

Production Companies

SF Studios, FLX, Baluba, Filmlance International, Nexiko, Nexiko International, Stockholm University of the Arts, Tangram Film, Unlimited Stories, Art & Bob


Bränn alla mina brev, Vinterviken (2021), Butiken, Tjejtoan, Too Beautiful - Our Right to Fight, Sex & Relationer


Vuxna Människor, Mörkt Hjärta, Ligga, Vi i villa, Young Royals S1 & S2, Över henne, Sjukt, Heartbeats