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Ragna was a film lover from her early teens. She spent her first four years as an adult in art schools and has a BA in Fine Art from Winchester UK. Back in Stockholm she attended Stockholm Film Schoolset to become a DoP. She worked as clapper loader and focus puller for a few years before doing her second BA, this time in Cinematography at Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm. Since graduating in 2006 she has shot a variety of drama and commercials.

Ragna is a dedicated and positive force on set. She cares deeply about how the talents are being lit and depicted, all the time thinking about what’s best for the story, dramatically and visually. She has an eye for details but knows when the time is right to move on. Pragmatic – and quite poetic.

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Zanyar Adami, Amanda Adolfsson, Hanna Andersson, Calle Breitholz, Johan Brisinger, Linda Callenholt, Görel Crona, Daniel DiGrado, Maria Eng, Saga Gärde, Daniel Hargot, Magnus Holmgren, Lisa James Larsson, Denize Karabuda, Alexandra-Therese Keining, Kicki Kjellin, Mårten Klingberg, Niklas Ladberg, Petter Lennstrand, Manne Lindwall, Olavi Linna, Alexander Moberg, Ola Norén, Anna Odell, Johan Perjus, Jacob Seth Fransson, Hanna Sköld, Olof Spaak, Marcus Söderlund, Anna Zackrisson…

Production Companies

Göta Film, Breidablick, Filmlance, Fireplace, Primodrom, Jarowskij, Flodellfilm, SVT, Hobby Factory, Hobby Film, Filmkreatörerna, French Quarter Film, Alto Film, BL A, St Paul, Bob Film, Dansk Skalle, SF…


Girls Lost (Pojkarna), Orions Ögon, Piratskattens Hemlighet – julkalendern 2014, The Butcher’s Waltz, Familjen Holstein-Gottorp, The Reunion (Återträffen), Kiss Me (Kyss mig), För alla åldrar S1/S2, Klara, Höök…


Ane Brun, Elin Sigvardson


Rosa Bandet, Hockey VM, Risifrutti, CMore Tippeligan, Billys Pizza, Högskolan i Gävle, Viasat, Apoteket, Scandic Hotel…


Cinematographer’s Debuts Competition, Camerimage 2011