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Pia Wallin started out as a freelancing Production Designer in the early 90’s. Quite soon, she began working with the legendary show Nile City 105,6 at SVT where she stayed for many years producing scenography for everything from children’s programs to entertainment shows, but above all some of Sweden’s most popular drama series such as “Leende guldbruna ögon” and “Mannen under trappan”.

Pia has positive spirit and great passion for her work. She has an eye for detail, which makes her sketches and real-scale models amazing pieces of work.

Pia has a wide-ranging experience with both small- and large-scale productions. She is also accustomed to working with productions taking place in different time periods such as ”Historieätarna” and ”Tusen år till julafton” among others.

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Calle Åstrand, Hannes Holm, Karin af Klinberg, Zanyar Adami, Ulf Kvensler, Peter Flinth, Erik Leijonborg, Daniel Lind-Lagerlöf, Harald Hamrell, Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson, Emma Hvengaard, Birger Larsen, Carsten Rudolf, Molly Hertleb, Zenay&Kolacz, Leif Lindblom, Jakob Marky, Rolf Sohlman, Jesper Kouthoofd, Hanna Elin, Bill Schummacher, Gustav Åkerblom, Henrik von Sydow, Isabella Carbonell, Jane Magnusson, Pascal Struwer, Baker Karim, Christoffer Vibenius, Sören Kragh-Jacobsen, Kjell Åke Andersson, Kalle Breitholzt, Martin Åkerhage, Marcus Söderlund

Production Companies

FLX, Acne, The Producers, SVT, Yellow Bird, Eyeworks, Thelma & Louise, Jesper Kouthoofd Inc, Pampas, Atmosfär, Lunatic Speed, Doppelganger, BZE, Folke Film

Feature Films

Solsidan, Sune i fjällen, Sune i Grekland

Short Films

Muttern, Vi måste prata, Krigsduvor, Cupcake, Boys, Sneses, Hitgirl


Tusen år till julafton, Maria Wern, Mannen under trappan, Leende guldbruna ögon, Lögnens pris, Om ett hjärta, Häxdansen


Big Money, Eva Dahlgren, Loreen, DADA Life