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Pelle Magnestam is a man of many skills and he has an eye for the wicked and weathered. He lets the scenography speak for itself and finds playful solutions in the most challenging environments. His work has been recognized and awarded with Emmys and Guldbagge nominations.

Please visit Pelle's IMDb profile for further information.


EMMY – Wild Kids (2015) TV Producers Price – Best Artistic Composition (2012),


EMMY - Labyrint (2014) Guldbagge - Tjuvarnas Jul, Trollkarlens dotter - Best Scenography (2014)


Stefan Roos, Peter Flinth, Per Simonsson, Mikeadelica, Gustav Åkerblom, Gustaf Skördeman

Feature Films

Tjuvarnas Jul, Hem till Midgård, Arn - Tempelriddaren


Det stora experimentet, Wild Kids, Labyrint, Riket

Format & Game Development

Expedition Robinson, På Minuten, Labyrint, Wildkids, Det Stora Experimentet


World of Mumin - Junibacken, Jan Lööf exhibition - Junibacken

Production Companies

Yellow Bird, SVT, Jarowskij, FLX, SF, Strix, Disney SWE