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Nicolas has had a prolific career as a designer in both film and fashion. With a keen eye for storytelling and a very strong sensibility for characters his work is recognized by a precise and directional creative vision. His eye for shaping silhouettes and knowledge of costume making when working with a wide array of different materials, makes him ideal for designing anything from historical to contemporary and fictional costumes.


Winner of ACTE FASHION AWARD Riccione, Italy (2015) Winner of SHOW UP FASHION AWARD Borås, Sweden (2013)


X&Y, The American, Ensammma I Rymden, Stockholm Östra, Halva Sanningen, Arn - Tempelriddaren, Arn - Riket vid vägens slut,


Den Inre Cirkeln, Superhjältejul, Tusenbröder 3 Återkomsten, Stackars Tom,


Nor Autnom, FTH,


AnnaTernheim - ForTheYoung, AnnaTernheim - Hours,Torpedo - An Invention, Torpedo - Waiting For The Fall, Hardcore Superstars - Into Debauchery,

Short Films

Fight Them Hard, Virus,


Bauhaus, Suzuki Swift,


Håkan Lindhé, Anders Hazelius, Anna Odell, Ted Kjellson, Simon Kajser, Carl Englén, Erik Leijonborg, Kjell Åke Andersson, Lars Johansson, Jerker Josefsson, Henrik Björn, Amir Chamdin, Peter Flinth, Leon Martinsen, Henrik Jakobsson, Johan Holm, Christoffer Höring, Anto Corbijn,

Production Companies

Fundament Film, B-Reel Films, Nice Drama, Filmlance, SVT, Jarowskij, Film By Us, Palladium, SF, Flagstone, AMC Pictures,