As a kid Mikael came in contact with Charlie Chaplin’s movie “The Goldrush” and that was it! He was hooked and Film was the thing. When he moved from Nyköping to Stockholm at the age of 19 he started working at Cinemateket and Svenska Filminstitutet assessing old movie copies of classical films. He went on spending many years as a fully booked and very appreciated First Assistant Camera before moving onto bigger things.

As a Dop Mikael is focused, calm and a strong team leader. He is responsive to other departments’ needs and likes to be well prepared moving into shooting so he can be flexible and make adjustments on the fly when needed.

Visually he is very fond of a hand-held camera and naturalistic light to be able to create the right amount of elevated naturalism but can adapt to any situation and equipment. The setting and the mood of the location is also a great inspiration as to how to create the absolute best basis for the story told.

When Mikael isn’t shooting he is busy with his 2nd career as a Pinball player.

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Kristian Petri, Camilla Strøm Henriksen, Amir Chamdin, Lisa Ohlin, Johan Lundin, Simon Kaijser, Kristina Humle & Jens Sjögren, Mårten Klingberg, Daniel Fridell

Production Companies

Yellow Bird, Warner Bros, Zed Ink, Spotify, B-Reel Films, Filmlance International, SVT, Noble Production


Det som göms i snö S2, Partisan S2, Maria Wern S8, Before we die S2, Before we die S1

Feauture Film

Beck - Den tunna isen, Beck - Ditt eget blod, Säg att du älskar mig


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