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Mikael is a committed makeup designer with great passion for his work. To him, film, drama, TV or advertising is equally fun and has its own exciting opportunities.Mikael believes that there are always new things to learn and he enjoys when unexpected situations arises which offers an extra challenge.

He is calm, considerate and easy to work with. He has studied Wig Dressing & Wig applying at Creative Media Skills, Pinewood Studios in London and has experience in hairstyling, special effects as well as manufacturing and applying loose parts.


Tomas Alfredsson, Henrik Hallgren, Fredric Keith Reshew, Simon Kaijser, Richard Holm, Alexis Almström, Olof Lindh, Patrik Eklund, Molly Hartleb, Robert Jitzmark

Production Companies

Camp David Film, Social Club, B-Reel Films, FLX, SVT, Filmlance, Anagram, New Stories


Jönssonligan – Coming Soon, Miss Inga Issues, Nittonhundraåttioett, Småstaden


Maskineriet – Coming soon, Top Dog – Coming Soon


Netonnet, Oddset, MTR Express, Lärarförbundet, Polarbröd, IQ Initiativet, Stockholm Stadsmission