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Malin LQ came across still photography when she was still in middle school and hasn’t put down the camera since. She is now a graduate from Stockholm University of the Arts and already has several nominations and awards in the bag.

Her experience in documentaries gives her a hands-on mentality when working in fiction and she brings a certain vulnerability into her projects. Her heart beats for youth & queer storytelling and she is a fan of working with “magic realism”, playing with colors and concepts.

She is a dedicated DP and puts great joy into pre-production, team work and values representation, both in front and behind the camera and thrives at shoots.


2021 - Novemberfestivalen, Winner of Tungvikt, “Bad Lesbian” 2021 - Novemberfestivalen, Amanduspriset, “Bad Lesbian” 2021 - Novemberfestivalen, Best Editing, “Bad Lesbian” 2021 - Cinemafrica, Best short film, “A mother´s body” 2021 - Nordisk Panorama, Opening film, “A mother’s body” 2021 - Oscar Students Awards, Swedish contribution to compete for a nomination as best Student film, “TJEJTOAN 4-ever” 2021 - Stockmotion, Honorary Nomination as best film, “HÅR”

Short Film

Tjejtoan 4-ever, Berry Pickers, Bad Lesbian, Alltid Mamma


A Mother ́s Body, HÅR, Vävtjejerna


Cancerfonden - Rosa Bandet x Selam Fessahaye


Vera Ek - “What have I been fighting for?”


Jonelle Twum, Simone Norberg, Elin Övergaard, Angelika Abramovic, Abbe Hassan, Agnes Skonare, Simon Elvås

Production Companies

Vilda bomben, Rough Productions (SVT), SKH ,, B-reel Films