Malin LQ came across still photography when she was still in middle school and hasn’t put down the camera since. She is now a graduate from Stockholm University of the Arts and already has several nominations and awards in the bag.

Her experience in documentaries gives her a hands-on mentality when working in fiction and she brings a certain vulnerability into her projects. Her heart beats for youth & queer storytelling and she is a fan of working with “magic realism”, playing with colors and concepts.

She is a dedicated DP and puts great joy into pre-production, team work and values representation, both in front and behind the camera and thrives at shoots.


2022 Guldbagge Shortlist - "Berry Pickers", "Tjejtoan 4-ever", 2021 Guldbagge nominee - "Bad Lesbian", 2021 Guldbagge Short list - "En mammas kropp", "Bad Lesbian", 2021 - Novemberfestivalen, Winner of Tungvikt, “Bad Lesbian” 2021 - Novemberfestivalen, Amanduspriset, “Bad Lesbian” 2021 - Novemberfestivalen, Best Editing, “Bad Lesbian” 2021 - Cinemafrica, Best short film, “A mother´s body” 2021 - Nordisk Panorama, Opening film, “A mother’s body” 2021 - Oscar Students Awards, Swedish contribution to compete for a nomination as best Student film, “TJEJTOAN 4-ever” 2021 - Stockmotion, Honorary Nomination as best film, “HÅR”


Jonny Von Wallström, Maida Krak, Tuna Özer, Jonelle Twum, Simone Norberg, Elin Övergaard, Angelika Abramovic, Abbe Hassan, Agnes Skonare, Simon Elvås

Production Companies

Rough Studios, Madbunny Productions, Makeriet, Vilda bomben, Rough Productions (SVT), SKH ,, B-reel Films

Short Film

Tjejtoan 4-ever, Berry Pickers, Bad Lesbian, Alltid Mamma


Speedway - Med livet som insats, A Mother ́s Body, HÅR, Vävtjejerna


Lynk &Co., Skolverket, Cancerfonden - Rosa Bandet x Selam Fessahaye, Vardagsfrid


JB - "Allting har sitt pris", Vera Ek - “What have I been fighting for?”