Malin began her creative path as a painter, cartoonist and sculptor some 30 years ago. After a long and winding road consisting of jobs like decor painter for Theater sets, creator of illusions and magic tricks for the Circus and making special effects she ended up in the world of Film (and Theater) where she found her “home” as a Production Designer.

Malin is a multi-tasker with a focus on movement, light, color, materials and good research. She likes to work closely and communicatively with the Director and is often hands-on in her productions. She loves really good craftsmanship and smart constructions, likes to plan and likes the challenge of solving seemingly impossible problems.

Malin is also the other half in the founding, and creation, of the Uniform Museum in Klagstorp, Skåne. A contemporary museum that shows professional uniforms from the 1850s to present day with provenance.


Jens Jonsson, Henrik Georgsson, Tuva Novotny, Sara Cronberg, Fabian Svensson, Jens Klevje, Mikael Marcimain, Anders Banke, Antonio Tublén, Leif Lindblom, Måns Nilsson, Andreas Nilsson, Ika Nord, Christian Hallman, Stina Hammar, Liza Minou Morberg, Linn Mannheimer, Manuel Concha, Mikael Syrén, Alexander Brøndsted, André Kuenzy, Niklas Holmgren, David Keating, Robert Lillhonga, Jonas Åkerlund, Bogdan Szyber, Carina Reich, Kjell Stjernholm

Production Companies

Harmonica Film, SF Studios, Film i Skåne, Nordisk Film, Zentropa, Folkefilm, Solid Entertainment, Malmö Stadsteater, Norrebro Teatret, Anagram, Yellow Bird, Conjuction Visual Bereau, SVT, KB Malmö, Skissernas Museum Lund, PingPong Film, Jarowskij, Pingpong Film, Solid Entertainment, Ombud Films, Dolly Pictures

Feature Film

Zoo, Flaket, Orginal, Tim & Leon, Frostbiten, Wake Wood


Slutet på sommaren, De utvalda, Alla hästar hemma, Lingonligan, Halvvägs till himlen, Jakten på en mördare

Short Film

The Amazing Death of Mrs Müller, Havanna, Som en tjuv om natten, Hollywood, In Praise of Solitude

On Stage

Melodin der blev vaeck, Ortrud Mann, KalPDal, Cikus Cirkör,Super Cirkör, 00:00, Woody Holloway, Oliver Stan och Farao, Lilla Asmodeus, Personligt, Ett sekel utan ord, Kaffe med Dopp