Malin B. Erikson is a qualified and SAG-AFTRA recognized intimacy coordinator who introduced intimacy coordination to Sweden in 2019 as the country's first intimacy coordinator / intimacy director. She’s a specialist in choreographing intimate scenes for TV, film and live performance while implementing best practices, safety and well-being of actors, creatives and team. As a pioneer, a big part of Malin’s work is about spreading knowledge which she often does by guiding production companies and organizations, giving lectures/workshops and participating in various types of industry and public event.

Malin works according to a method based on a trauma-informed and consent-based practices. Besides facilitating conversations, coordinating and choreographing intimate scenes, Malin carry out risk assessment according to European standards, writes nudity riders and provides the production with relevant documents such as closed set protocols.

Before Malin trained as an intimacy coordinator, she worked as a stage director, actor trainer and acting coach. For over 20 years she has lived and worked in Asia, North Africa and Europe. Movement, embodiment and emotions have always been central parts of her work. She has studied Actor Training and Coaching (MA) and directing at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSS), Dramaturgy at RADA and Pedagogy (BA) at Umeå University.

Malin is the co-founder of the Nordic Intimacy Coordinators (NIC) and The Intimacy Practitioners’ Guild (IPG).

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Production Companies

Anagram, Apple Tree Productions, Art & Bob, Baluba, B-Reel, Cinenic Film, Filmlance International, FLX, Helgeson Moll, Iris Film, Jarowskij, Miso Film, New-Land, Nexiko, Nordisk Film Creative Alliance, Northen Fable, NRK, Pine, SF Studios, SVT, Warner Bros.


Så jävla easy going, The Schcoolmaster Games, Vinterviken 2021, Tisdagsklubben


Lik Meg S6, Allt som blir kvar, Limbo, Fartblinda S2, Ligga, Snabba Cash S1 & S2, DEG, Lust, Blackwater, Knutby

On Stage

Breaking the waves, Rotterdam (Gothenburg English Studio Theatre), Blod, svett & tårar (Riksteatern), Farliga förbindelser (Uppsala Stadsteater), Tystnaden (Göteborgs Stadsteater), Min fantastiska väninna (Stockholm Stadsteater)


Swedish House Maffia & The Weekend - Moth to a flame


Dead Centre/Göteborgs Stadsteater, Dramaten, Gothenburg English Studio Theatre, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Uppsala Stadsteater, Vadstena Akademien