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Malin introduced intimacy coordination to Sweden in August 2019 as Sweden's first intimacy coordinator after training with pioneer Ita O’Brien. For a year, Malin continued as a student at Ita O’Brien and today meets international standards and Sag-Aftra’s requirements for expertise, training and experience in accordance with the Intimacy Coordinator Standards and Protocols. As a pioneer in Sweden, a large part of Malin's work is about spreading knowledge in the field of intimacy on stage, TV and film, which she often does through lectures, workshops and panel discussions of various kinds. Before Malin trained as an intimacy coordinator, she worked as a performing arts director and acting educator.

For over 20 years she has lived and worked in Asia, North Africa and Europe. Movement, body shape, emotions and stage presence have always been central parts of her work. She has studied Actor Training and Coaching (master) and directing at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (RCSS), Dramaturgy at RADA and Pedagogy (Bachelor of Science) at Umeå University. Malin is a co-founder of the Nordic Intimacy Coordinators (NIC) and The Intimacy Practitioners' Guild (IPG) and is today part of a network of intimacy coordinators from different parts of the world.

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Jesper Ganslandt, Alexis Almström, Måns Månsson, Mattias J. Skoglund, Annika Appelin, Ella Lemhagen, Mikael Marcimain, Goran Kapetanovic

Production Companies

SF Studios, Nexiko, Filmlance International, Anagram, Misofilm, Appletree productions, B-Reel Films


Vinterviken 2021, Tisdagsklubben


Snabba Cash TV-serien, DEG, Lust, Händelser vid vatten, Knutby

On Stage

Blod, svett & tårar (Riksteatern), Farliga förbindelser (Uppsala Stadsteater), Tystnaden (Göteborgs Stadsteater), Min fantastiska väninna (Stockholm Stadsteater)