Kristoffer Jönsson is a dedicated, sensitive and story driven cinematographer. Born and raised in the south of Sweden, but currently based in Stockholm. Studied cinematography at Dramatiska Institutet between 2012-2015. He became interested in cinematography at very young age, watching his father work as a still photographer. Loves storytelling and his main goal is to always ensure the best suited visual style of the film.


2019 Guldbagge - Best Photography "Trädgårdsgatan"


SF Anytime, Eton, H&M, NK, Naty, Telekom, Folkpool, Stockholm Gas, Danske Bank, Grand Hotel, Gina Tricot, Odd Molly,


Trädgårdsgatan, Parning, Lets Do Some Living in The Afterlife, Lida,


Gåsmamman S6, Heder S2, Eagles S2, Kurs i självutplåning, Bauta

Short Films

The Involuntary Activist, Julet Juliet & Juliet, Pärlor, Debut, Night Bees, Catwalk, Tune for Two


Joakim Eliasson, Carl-Petter Montell, Robert Andersson, Lina Mannheimer, Giovanni Bucchieri, Olof Spaak, Anna Eborn, Isabella Rodriguez, Mikael Bundsen, Anette Sidor, Joanna Karlberg, Ninja Thyberg, Gunnar Järvstad, Thomas Klementsson, Andreas Lind, Robert Andersson, Magnus Mårding,

Production Companies

Bigster, New Stories, French Quarter Film, Primodrom, Adomeit Film & Momento Film, FLX/SVT, STDH, MINK MGMT, Chirano, Cameralink