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Jonatan has been in the industry since 2007 and for the first 10 years he made his way through various departments and gathered a lot of experience. Those years gave him the insight and knowledge of each department’s needs and obstacles so when he finally decided to become a 1st AD he was more than ready.Taking this into the craft of running shoots of various sizes has proven to be really useful.

Beside planning and running the set Jonatan is known for his positive attitude and strong belief that a happy crew makes better films. And maybe you’ll be lucky enough to cath him in front of the camera sometime.

IMDb profile


Måste Gitt (the series), Enkelstöten s2, Get Reasy With me, Badaren, Heder s2, Intercourse


H&M Group, IKEA, Svevia, ICA, Academic Work


Astrid S - Someone New


Hannes Holm, Felix Herngren, Olof Spaak, Jonatan Etzler, Olof Lindh, Magnus Härdner, Lina Söderström, Malin Ingrid Johansson

Production Companies

B-Reel Films, FLX, SF Studios, Bigster, The producers, Mexico 86, Visual Art, Omanovic Production