Ingela Larsson is a natural when it comes to hair & makeup design. She has several years of experience as a certified skin therapist with additional experience in courses such as SFX and wig-making at Pinewood Studios in London.

She was a part of the team that got Guldbagge-nominated for the best makeup in the film Se upp för Jönssonligan (Watch out for the Jonsson league).  A long with this she has worked on well-known productions such as Kärlek & Anarki (Love & Anarchy) and Top Dog.

Ingela is a person with character, warm and light-hearted always making sure that everyone around her feels good. A co-worker that provides people in her team with a feeling of safety but also a good laugh.


Moa Gammel, Sacarias Kiusalaas, Mårten Klingberg, Lisa James Larsson, Lisa Farzaneh, Tomas Alfredson, Molly Hartleb, Alexis Weak, Rachel Kavanaugh, John Hellberg, Bernhard Rasmusson, Dawid Ullgren, Daniel Fridell, Joakim Behrman, Martin Strandberg

Production Companies

Miso Film, Jarowskij Sverige, B-Reel Films, Filmlance International AB, 2Entertain, FLX Feature AB, FLX 2.0 AB, Mr Smith AB, Goodbye Kansas Studios AB


Tack för senast!, Ur Spår, Jönssonligan, Kattriket


Håll Andan!, Agatha Christies Hjerson, Love & Anarchy, Top Dog.

Short Films

Miss Inga Issues

Promos/On stage

Häxorna I Eastwick (Theater), Iron Lamb - Apocalypse Express, The Vice - A Prayer Cast In Stone, Zornheym - The Opposed


Posten, ATG, Clas Ohlson,