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Frida is an enthusiastic person with a lot of empathy. She found an interest in scenography at an early stage and has worked on various productions. Frida has studied “Set Design for stage” at Central Saint Martins College as well as “Set Design for Film and Television Production” at Luleå Technical University. Today, she mostly works as Props master or as Production Design assistant. Frida is a considerate and positive person, and also a creative thinker, all of which makes her a joy to work with.


ICA, OBH Nordica,


Drenge - Nothing,

Feature Films

X&Y, Swoon, Tårtgeneralen, All Invlusive,


Julkalendern - Jakten på tidskristallen, Finaste Familjen säsong 2, Det stora experimentet 2,


Måns Målind & Björn Stein, Anna Odell, Karin Fahlen, Henrik Ståhl, Filip Hammar & Fredrik Wikingsson, Staffan Lindberg, Tord Danielsson, Oskar Mellander, Stephen Agnew,

Production Companies

Atmo Production, B-Reel Films AB, Nexiko AB, Jarowskij AB, Avanti Film, Nexiko Drama, Warner Bros,