Erik grew up on the West Coast of Sweden. He started making films at young age with his family’s Super 8 camera, and has been shooting films more or less ever since. Erik has always been interested in finding novel ways of both shooting and telling a story, and has a BFA from the University of film in Stockholm,

He gathered vast experience when he started his career working with well known directors and DoP’s, as clapper/loader and first assistant cameraman. Today, Erik is a very sought after DoP and the feedback we get from his clients, directors and producers is overwhelming.

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Måns Nyman, Eddie Åhgren, Jon Holmberg, Gusaf Åkerblom, Ted Kjellsson, Johan Lundin, Metin Hüseyin, Åsa Riton, Sanna Lenken, Mani Mazerat, Liza Farzaneh, Måns Nyman, Staffan Kihlbom, Andreas Ibohm, Marcus Lundin, Stina Lütz, Tobias Annerhult, Henrik Ahnborg, Abbe Hassan, Anders Helgesson, Carl-Johan Listerby, Karin af Klintberg, Mani Maserrat, David Färdmar

Production Companies

Grand Slam Filmproduktion, Madre Pictures, FLX, B-reel Films AB, Playground Television UK, Thelma & Louise, House of radon, Filmlance, Filmic art, Camp Daivd, Creative art, Miso Film, Kollision, B-reel, Naive, Filmlance


Meningen med livet, Lassemajas detektivbyrå S1 & S2, Thunder in my heart, All creatures great and small, Hidden: Förstfödd, Fallet, Min kamp, Modus, Arne Dahl, Fjällbackamorden, Irene Huss

Feature Film

Stammisar, Sune-Best man, Sune vs Sune

Short Film

Nattbarn, Pärla, Festen, A last farewell, Getingdansen


KPA, Hemköp, Samsung, Spotify, AMEX, Pressbyrån, AMF, H&M, UNICEF, Electrolux, NK, Aftonbladet, TV4, AEG


Timbuktu, Linda Pira, Veronica Maggio, Rebecca & Fiona, Grillat & Gräändy, NÄÄÄK, Stor, Marcus Price, Carli, Zara Larsson