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Erik grew up on the West Coast of Sweden. He started making films at young age with his family’s Super 8 camera, and has been shooting films more or less ever since. Erik has always been interested in finding novel ways of both shooting and telling a story, and has a BFA from the University of film in Stockholm,

He gathered vast experience when he started his career working with well known directors and DoP’s, as clapper/loader and first assistant cameraman. Today, Erik is a very sought after DoP and the feedback we get from his clients, directors and producers is overwhelming.

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Production Companies

Thelma & Louise, House of radon, Filmlance, Filmic art, Creative art, Miso Film, Kollision, B-reel, Naive, Filmlance


Åsa Riton, Sanna Lenken, Mani Mazerat, Liza Farzaneh, Måns Nyman, Staffan Kihlbom, Andreas Ibohm, Marcus Lundin, Stina Lütz, Tobias Annerhult, Henrik Ahnborg, Abbe Hassan, Anders Helgesson, Carl-Johan Listerby, Karin af Klintberg, Mani Maserrat


Timbuktu, Linda Pira, Veronica Maggio, Rebecca & Fiona, Grillat & Gräändy, NÄÄÄK, Stor, Marcus Price, Carli, Zara Larsson


Spotify, AMEX, Pressbyrån, AMF, H&M, UNICEF, Electrolux, NK, Aftonbladet, TV4, AEG

Feature Film

Sune vs Sune


Nattbarn, Pärla, Festen, A last farewell


Hidden: Förstfödd, Fallet, Min kamp, Modus, Arne Dahl, Fjälbackamorden, Irene Huss