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Costume Designer Emma Gauffin is trained within tailoring, cutting, pattern design and art history and has run her own studio since 1989.

As a freelancer, she has created costumes for a number of plays at theaters such as Orionteatern, Stockholms Stadsteater and Folkoperan. She has worked with SVT, with fashion shows and on different extravagant events. Emma has also collaborated with private theaters, performers and artists and as a consultant in the fashion industry, with clients such as J. Lindeberg, Fillippa K and Whyred.

Emma loves to develop and interpret ideas, and she soon began to make costumes for feature films. Among her film work you can find blockbuster All Inclusive and Stockholm Stories, directed by Karin Fahlén, short films such as "Fritt fall" directed by Caroline Cowan and prize-winning "Cupcake" with Livia Millhagen and Mirja Turestedt directed by Jane Magnusson.

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Magnus Renhfors, Magnus Tear, Oskar Bård, Jens Jonsson, Karin Fahlén, Patrik Eklund, Henrik Björn, Fredrik Thelander, Åsa Cederqvist, Henrik Halvarson, Anders Jedenfors, Jane Magnusson, Karin Fahlén

Production Companies

Happy Tear, Hobby Film, Knock, Acne, Palladium, Showtime, Mr Smith, Fireplace, Spader Knekt

Feature Film

Glada hälsningar från Missångerträsk, Stockholm stories, Cupcake, The Fur, Fritt fall


Viking Line, Rusta, CB12, Absolut Vodka, Triss, Unicef, TV6, Högskolan i Gävle, Alecta, Creme Bonjour, Vigo, Apoteket, Läkerol, Valio, Amnesty, NK

On Stage

Peter Jöback, Törnrosa, Trettondagskonsert selections of artists: Helen Sjöholm, Malena Ernman, Kerstin Avemo, Nina Stemme, Bryn Terfel, Sara Jangfeldt, Marianne Mörk, Karolina Blixt, LaGaylia Frazier


Pelle Bergström, Carl Bengtsson, Magnus Reed, Denise Grünstein, Henrik Halvarsson

Fashion Show

NK (Dan Arne Productions)