Elin has studied set design and art in both Stockholm, Malmö and Rome, Italy. At a young age she fell in love with italian movies from the 50´s and 60´s and knew she had to work with set design in the future. Everything fell in place when she had the oppurtunity to work as an apprentice to Bengt Fröderberg. She has a great passion for making beautiful set designs and she loves to present hand drawn sketches to make the whole team understand and visualize the end-result.

To create the right atmosphere is the keything for her to make an environment as credible as possible. Even if it´s stormy at set, Elin keeps calm and structured. She is an strong leader with a postive spirit and you can be sure she always delivers mindblowing results, regardless size of project, or location.

Nordic Women in Film


Felix Herngren. Leif Lindblom, Staffan Lindberg, Linnéa Roxeheim, Mikael Syrén, Staffan Lindberg, Susanne Ågren, Johan Sundberg, Magnus Aronson, Johan Bernander, Karin Tegnér, Lena Koppel, Mauri Chifflét

Production Companies

FLX international, Art & Bob Television, Lillasyster Produktion, Tre vänner, Eyeworks Production, SF Media


Äntligen!, Sommaren med släkten S4-S6, Folk med ångest, Fullt hus

On Stage

Vill ha dig, Hjärta mig, Polhems Huvudwerk


Stockholms matavfall, Lindex Christmas, Carnivale