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Aron is a versatile talent. With a broad experience, and a passion for the arts, he is fun and inspiring to work with.

Recently recruited for his brilliant talent in Set Design from H&M:s interior design department, he masters a variety of skills, from CAD and 3D rendering to fine woodworking and construction.

Since graduating from the School of Architecture Aron has been combining architecture with designing environments for events, exhibitions and retail as well as scenery for lens-based productions. He loves to create conceptual visions and to finalize them with a great fascination for detail and material quality.

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Isabella Rodriguez, Fredrik Edfeldt, Natanael Ericsson, Sacarias Kiusalaas, Sebastian Ringler, Felix Herngren, Cherru Cobra, Oskar Gullstrand, Fredrik Lund-Hansen, Joakim Behrman, Jesper Kouthoofd, RGB6, Daniel Wirtberg, Adi & Mak Ovanovic, Goran Kapitanovic, Tobias Granström, Robin Kempe, Åsa Riton

Production Companies

French quarter Film, Yellow Bird, New Land, B-Reel Films, Slutet är nära, Camp David, Naive, Sweim club studios, Garbergs, Acne,


Elisabeth Toll, Julia Hetta, Charli Ljung, Eric Broms, Sandra Freij, Andreas Kock, Anders Holmberg Gorgén, Magnus Magnusson


H&M, Bigert & Bergström, Stutterheim Raincoats, BAU Arkitekter, Boys Don’t Cry, Örjan Andersson, Nalen, Skankaloss, Luger, Bon, Joann Tan Studio, Tictail, Refugees Welcome Stockholm, Lighthouse Relief Lesbos, Index Gallery


Risenta, Svergielotten, Nordsjö idé & design, Hallon, A found, Rädda barnen, ÅF, Ramböll, Ikea, Cellbes,


Rebecka Martinsson (Season 2), Kurs i självutplåning

Feature Films

Stupid young heart, Sommarstället (The summer House)