Anna Lu Ingvarson began her career in Theater but moved over to work mainly in Film, TV Drama and Commercials in the mid 90’s. She has worked alternately as Art Director, Set Designer, Set Decorator and Production Designer which has given her a vast knowledge about the Industry and a versatile career.

She has always been interested in telling stories through details and creating creative sets with inspiration from photography and light. She has the ability to convey big and small emotions to the audience through her work. That work is very much characterized by light, mood, colors and patterns and the close collaboration with the other creative departments in the production. Anna is a solution-oriented team player to the core, which spills over onto her team and creates great results.

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Alexis Almström, Ahmed Abdullahi, Adam Berg, Mikael Marcimain, Goran Kapetanovic, Anna Zacrisson, Lasse Hallström, Jesper Kouthooft, Stina Lutz,Felix Herngren, Lisa Farzaneh, Henrik Sundgren Mikael Syrén, Mårten Klingberg, Jens Sjögren, Jakob Marky, Staffan Lindberg Annika Westerlund, Lukas Moodysson, Ella Lemhagen, Henrik Lagercratz, Anton Corbain, Simon Kaijser, Jonas Åkerlund, Leif Lindblom, Hannes Holm

Production Companies

Breel, Filmlance,Yellow Bird, Indio, FLX, SF studios, Newland, Social club, Camp David, Bleck Film, Hobby Film, Acne, Atmosfär, Callboy

Feature Film

Hilma af Klint, Svart Krabba, Lyckligare kan ingen vara,The Serious Game, Gentlemen och Gangsters, Kvarteret Skatan, Hotell Gyllene Knorren, Solstorm, Underbar och älskad av alla, Hoppet,Tur och Retur, Sleepwalker, Om inte


Top Dog S2, Blackwater, Snöänglar, Kalifat, Kalla Fall, Stieg Lindberg doc. Gösta, Beck, Ondera, Syrror, Gustavsson 3 tr, Hotell Gyllene Knorren, Solsidan, Höjdarna, Det brinner, Hjälp Rånare, Pappa polis, c/o Segemyhr


Pettersson och Findus hus Gröna Lund, Fria teatern, Dracula, Blue remembered hills, Lycko Per, Galilei , Gökboet

Short Film

Det Knullande Paret, Flugfällan


Mariestads, 3, RSV, Willys, OP, Sas, Stefanel, Volvo, Ipren, Cabby, Kellogs, Posten , Norrlands Guld, Fristads, Telia, Returpack, Blå band, Scan, Arla, Kista galleria, SVT Drama, Samsung, Ikea, EF


Roxette, Smashing Pumpkins