Natalie started working with film immediately after graduation with a degree in Media and Communication and after some years of working and learning from the best in the industry Natalie is now standing on her own. With her background from production coordination, project management and as a 2nd AD, she has the knowledge necessary for being an excellent 1st AD.

She has great experience in all the aspects of running the set on big and small productions and is known as an organized, meticulous and hard working professional which is sought after assets in a 1stAD. Whoever has had the pleasure of working with Naralie only has words of praise.

She loves the unique combination of creativity, structure and working closely with people, all which her work entails.


Alexis Almström, Ahmed Abdullahi, Henrik Schyffert, Johan Nordling, Fares Fares, Charlotte Brändström, Simon Kaijser, Jens Sjögren, Mikael Marcimain, Peter Grönlund, Per-Olav Sørensen, Lisa Farzaneh, Felix Herngren, Martin Persson, Benjamin Mege, Jakob Marky, Vedran Rupic, Igor Zimmermann, Per Simonsson, Richard Jarnhed, Henrik Björn, Jakob Ström, Staffan Lindberg, Suzanne Osten, Carl-Petter Montell

Production Companies

Warner Bros., B-Reel films, Yellowbird, Filmlance International, FLX, Jarowskij, Palladium Fiction, Business Club Royale, Nils Ljunggren, Fanny och Alexander produktion, Bacon Stockholm, New Stories

Feature Films

A day and a half, I am Zlatan, Flickan, Mamman och Demonerna, Sutton's Case


Top Dog S2 (EP1-EP2), Eagles S4, Vi i villa, The Unlikely Murderer, The hunt for a killer, Beartown, Quicksand, Andra åket, Svartsjön S2, Jordskott S2, Finaste Familjen S2.


KFC, H&M, Renault, Mc Donalds, Zmarta