Sophie Rockwell

Makeup Artist & Wig maker


Sophie Rockwell is born in Copenhagen, Denmark.
She did the traditional hairdressing school in Copenhagen. Soon after she realized that hairdressing was only a small part of an industry. The world of makeup and wigs opened up when she got her first professional job at The New Theater, Copenhagen.

Her talent for making characters soon led her to work as a freelance hair and makeup artist in Copenhagen. In 2012 Sophie was accepted to the Mask And Wig design education at Stockholm's Dramatic University of Arts.

Sophie has worked on high profiled Theaters with Opera, musicals, films, performance, commercials & art projects as a mask and wig assistant and designer in Denmark and Sweden. She is a creator with a free fantasy and a sharp eye for details.


Sjölyckan (Coming soon), Ted - För kärlekens skull, Det mest förbjudna, Dennis, All inclusive, Enkelstöten, Virtual reality, How to make it in Hollywood, Sub_derma, Hämndens anatomi, Indenrigs


Hannes Holm, Emma Bucht, Felix Herngren, Karin Fahlen, Tova Magnusson, Lars Rudolfsson, Philip Zanden, Dennis Sandin, Susanne Breuning, Lynne Kurdziel Formato, Deda Christina Colonna, Rainer Fried, Cameron Mackintosh, Lisa Kent, Mads Mathiesen, Thomas Bendixen, Carina Reich, Bogdan Szyberg, Andreas Bo


Stella Nova Film, FLX, Avanti Film, Blixten & Co, GötaFilm, Douglas Entertainment, Nordisk Film, Super 16, Per Se, Disney, Cirkus, Riksteatern, Clowner utan gränser, Malmö Stadsteater, Teater Design, Scenkonstgalan, Unda STDH, Verket under bron, Tivoli, Skuespillerhuset, Operaen, Republique, Gladsaxe ny teater, Mammuth teater, Fredericia teater