Sara Wiklund

Set Designer


Sara is an enthusiastic Set Designer who creates designs for lens based media such as films, commercials and photo shoots. After years of working as Prop Master, and Assistant Art Director, Sara decided to broaden her mind and skills by attending a Bachelor in Production Design at University of The Arts in London. While living in London Sara made many international contacts in the film industry, she has been working with awarded directors and filmmakers from India, Germany and England. Sara is specialised in creating sets where an atmosphere is essential. She knows the importance of accuracy and communication during a project, and uses CAD to build 3D models and to draw technical drawings to show colleagues and co-workers her ideas. When the right project comes along Sara also do designs for interiors and exhibitions.

Sara is a cineaste who has a huge interest in both new and old film movements, she loves art and to explore new places during her travels. Sara is focused and organised while working and meets every project with a positive attitude.

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Tom Malmros, Stina Lutz, Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein, Nathalie Hallman, Carl Åstrand, Mats Lindberg, Mark Triller, Oskar Mellander, Tord Danielsson, Stefan Roos, Per Simonsson, Jaana Fomin, Ulf Malmros, Johan Tappert, Manne Sjögren, Kay Pollak, Reema Sengupta, Douglas Baker, Erik Leijonborg, Mauri Chifflét, Anders Åstrand, Christan Eklöw, Christopher Panov, Mikael Syrén, Birger Larsen, Daniel di Grado, Jimmy Olsson, Sam Hoare, Sebastian Reed, Kalle Haglund Brusewitz, Felix Herngren, Daniel de Viciola, Marcus Linnér, Thomas Skoging..


Warner Bros, BOB Film, B-Reel, Bacon Sthlm, Atmo Production, Nordisk Film och TV, Folke Film, Holland Park Pictures, Acne, Lillasyster, Svensk Film Industri, Visual Art, Fladen Film, Pampas Produktion AB, Palladium, Camp David, FLX, DDB Film, Social Club, Standart..


Jakten på Tidskristallen; Julkalender 2017, Selmas Saga; Julkalender 2016, Flykten till framtiden, Tjockare än vatten, Så ock på jorden, Min så kallade pappa, Ceasar, Maria Lang, Kvarteret Skatan reser till Laholm, Kenny Begins.