Paul Gustavsson

Art Director / Prop Master


Paul is one of the industry's absolute most renowned prop masters. His solid experience from countless of commercials and feature films makes him a unique resource in finding the right props and materials.As a prop master he creates the setting and the feeling for the whole set up. His fantastic sense of the visual and his structured way of working makes him a much loved colleague.Paul's professionalism, experience and visual imagination have made him one of Scandinavia's most sought after prop master when it comes to international productions that simply demand the best! No matter if you choose to hire him as art director or prop master he’s top of the line.While we're uploading material, please visit Paul's IMDB for more info.


Gentlemen, The girl with the dragon tattoo, The American, Wallander, Arn, Snabba cash, Män som hatar kvinnor, Vinnare och förlorare, Ondskan, Paradiset, Hamilton, Så vit som en snö, Adam & Eva


David Fincher, Daniel Espinosa, Michael Marciman, Pernilla August, Nils Arden Oplev, Michael Håfström, Peter Flint, Colin Nutley, Peter Dalle, Walter Söderlund, Kjell Sundwall, Bo Widerberg, Jan Troell, Harald Swart, Måns Herngren, Hannes Holm, Stefan Apelgren, Rolf Björnlind, Michael Hjort, Per Berglund, Charlotte Brändström, Molly Hartleb, Birger Larsen