Paul Evans

Director of Photography FSF


Paul grew up in the south of England, playing in bands, skateboarding and surfing. This desire to create and explore led Paul to the Bournemouth Film School where he studied cinematography and received an HND. After film school Paul spent some time exploring the French Alps before relocating to Stockholm, Sweden. Paul has always had a preference for precise moves and symmetry yet moving to Sweden Paul had to embrace the natural light and loose free style Sweden is known for. Due to this Paul has developed an eye and a feel for knowing exactly which style is right for each project rather than forcing a certain style.

Paul has shot films in almost every format and has won numerous awards for his work.

Paul is highly appreciated among his collaborators who always value his knowledge, speed and attention to detail.

Full profile coming soon! Have a look at Paul's own website!


Tim Erem, Liza Minou Morberg, Christoffer Von Reis, Martin Garde Abildgaard, Sebastian Reed, Tom Malmros, Fredrik Falck, Felix Herngren, Måns Herngren, Marcus Engstrand, Saga Berlin, Andres Rosas Hott, Robert Rosen, Adrian Burt, Simon Jung Krestesen, Jens Löfgren, Jean Pascal Struwer, Henrik Hedin, Sebastian Hedin, Petter Tangmyr, Henrik Jakobsson, Johan Brisinger, Andreas Tibblin, David Berron, Gustaf Åkerblom, Robert Nylund, Jesper Ohlsson, Nikita Kiril, Alexander Brugge, Markus Ernerot, Hanna Elin, Gaute Hesthagen, Walter Söderlund, Kalle Haglund Brusewitz, Peter Mars, Clas Lundin, Linda Callenholt, Annika Westerhult....


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