Olof Johnson

Director of Photography FSF


For Olof film photography is all about storytelling. To visually carry the story forward and together with the rest of the team strive to create magic. He’s very much appreciated for his flexibility. When the going gets tough he chooses to see the opportunities instead of the obstacles. As a team leader he’s confident, but humble. Olof was one of the DoP:s on the highly acclaimed first season of the Danish-Swedish TV-serial ”Bron” (The Bridge), internationally renowned for it’s look. So if you're looking for a talented DoP (with a background within still photography) who’s also nice to hang out with - Olof is the one.

Olof's IMDb!


Stephan Apelgren, Harald Hamrell, Kjell Sundvall, Lena Kopell Daniel Lind-Lagerlöf, Tomas Alfredson, Kjell-Åke Andersson Leif Lindblom, Peter Dalle, Daniel Alfredson, Colin Nutley, Helena Bergström


Hur många kramar finns det i världen, Beck: Levande begravd, Beck: I stormens öga, Solstorm, Se upp för dårarna, Heartbreak Hotel, Beck: Hämndens pris, Wallander: frosten, Hotet, Miffo, Kontorstid, Hans och hennes, En häxa i familjen, Yrrol, Lotta på Bråkmakargatan


Gås Mamman, Bron - season 1, Livet i Fagervik, Svalan katten rosen, Carambole, Beck