Margrét Einarsdóttir

Costume Designer


Margrét Einarsdóttir is a knowledgable, artistic, professional costume designer at the top of her game, renowned as a pleasure to work with! When it comes to solving a problem, she always has a number of solutions. She collaborates without ever letting ego enter the equation. She is a talented designer who has the respect and acknowledgement of the film industry in Iceland and beyond. She is dedicated the story and has a profound understanding of the characters and the film’s expression, always with a good sense of in which direction to go. She is the kind of person who pitches in no matter what the task. She takes on the job, any job, with professionalism. She is also witty and humble and able to work with anyone. There is nothing she can’t handle.

Margrét lives in Reykavik but works all over Europe. She has been working on feature films such as Birchlegs, Grand Hotel, Fast and the furious 8, Noah, The secret life of Walter Mitty and Rams - which won Un certain regard in Cannes - amongst others. She also does a lot of commercials on a higher scale.

Swoon, feature film (in production), director Björn Stein & Måns Mårlind, Atmo Production AB (2017) Costume Design.

Norske byggeklosser, feature film (in post-production), director Arild Fröhlich, 74 Entertainment (2017) Costume Design.

Arctic, feature film (in post-production), director Joe Penna, Pegasus Pictures in association with Armory Films and Union Entertainment Group (2017) Costume Design.

Under the Tree, feature film, director Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson, Netop Films in association with Profile Pictures, Nadants and One Two Films (2017) Costume Design.

Black Mirror, TV serial. Director: John Hillcoat. Production Black Mirror Drama True North Netflix (2017), Costume Supervisor

Fast and the Furious 8 Feature film, F.Gary Grey, Original film, One race film, Universal Studios (2017)Iceland costume supervisor. Costumer

Hrútar/ Rams, Feature film. Director. Grimur Hákonarson, Production co.Netopfilms,2014-15, costume design Prise Un certain regard Cannes 2015,Edda prize for best costume design 2016

Grand Hotel Feature film. Director Arild Frölich, 1/2 fiction 2015,costume design.

Birkebeinerne/Birchlegs Feature film. Director Nils Gaup, Production co.Paradox 2014-15, costume design.

Noah Feature film Director Darren Aronofsky. prod. co. Disruption E ntertainment, New regencyPictures, Protozoa Pictures (2014) Costume supervisor Iceland

París norðursins/Paris of the North, Director Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðss,production co, Kalt vor ehf (2013) Costume design.

Vonarstræti/Life in a fishbowl, Director Baldvin Zophoniasson, production co, Kisi Production (2013) Costume design Awarded the Icelandic film prize Eddan for best costume design 2015

Dead Snow 2/Død snø 2 Feature film Director Tommy Wirkola,Saga Film,Tappeluft Pictures(2013) costume supervisor.

The Fifth Estate Feature film Director Bill Condon. SKG, Partisipant Media (2013) Costume supervisor Iceland

The secret life of Walter Mitty Feature film Director Ben Stiller. Ed house entertainment,True North productions, Twentieth century fox Films corporation(2013) Costumer

Frost, Director Reynir Lyngdal production co, Kisi Production(2012) Costume design.

Mið-Ísland, comedy tv series, director Ragnar Hansson, production co, Mystery Iceland (2012) Costume design.

Svartur á leik/Blacks game, Feature film, Director Óskar Þór Axelsson, production co,zik zak, Filmus(2012) Costume design. Nominated for the Icelandic Film Price Eddan 2012 for best costume design.

Á annan veg / Either Way, Feature film, Director Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson, production co,Mistery Ísland(2011) Costume design.Awarded Icelandic Film Price Eddan 2012 for best costume design. Remake. Prince Avalance

Tími nornarinnar/Season of the witch, tv series, director Friðrik Þór Friðriksson, Hughrif (2010-2011) Costume design.

Okkar eigin Osló/Our own Oslo, feature film,directorReynir Lyngdal,Ljósband(2010) Costume design.

Órói/Jitters, feature film, director Baldvin Zophoniasson,Kvikmyndafélag Íslands (2010) Costume design

Brim/Undercurrent, feature film,director Árni Óli Ásgeirsson,Vesturport, Zik Zak(2010) Costume design. Nominated for the Icelandic Film Price Eddan 2012 for best costume design.

Sumarlandið/Summerland, feature film, director Grímur Hákonarson,Sögn (2009)Costume design.

Örstutt jól/ Unholy night, short film, director Árni Þór Jónsson, Zik Zak(2010)Costume design

Desember, feature film, director Hilmar Oddson, Ljósband ehf (2009)Costume design.

8,Letter to a father, short film, director Gael Garcia Bernal,True North(2008) Costume design.

Hamarinn/The cliff , tv series, director Reynir Lyngdal,Pegasus(2008) Costume design.

Kallakaffi , tv series, director Hilmar Oddson, Channel2 (2007) Costume design.

Skröltormar/Rattlesnakes, Short film, director Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson,Mistery(2007) Costume design.

Bræðrabylta, short film, director Grímur Hákonarson, Vala Hrönn Viggósdóttir, (2007) Costume design.

Allir litir hafsins eru kaldir/The colours of the sea, tv miniserie, director Anna Rögnvaldsdóttir,Axkvikmyndagerð(2006) Costume design.

Blóðbönd/Thicker than water, feature film,director Árni Óli Ásgeirsson,Pegasus(2006) Costume design.

Töframaðurinn/The Magician, short film,director Reynir Lyngdal,Pegasus(2005)Costume design.

Njálssaga, tv film,director Björn B.Björnsson(2003) Costume design.

Fóstbræður/Blodbrothers,tv series, director Ragnar Bragason, Channel 2 (2000) Costume design.


Eddan for best Costume Design - Either way 2012, Eddan for best Costume Design - Life in a fishbowl 2015, Eddan for best Costume Design - Rams 2016