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Lisabi Fridell is a cinematographer with strong integrity and high artistic ambitions. Her work is unconventional and she always bases her work on the story with the aspiration to tell it in a unique and interesting way.

She will experiment with different techniques, colors and shapes in order to innovate the film if it any way can bring something extra to the story. She prefers to work in close cooperation with her team and influence the whole process. Lisabi divides her time between Berlin and Stockholm.

Please visit Lisabi's website for more information.

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Awards & Nominations

Swedish Oscars Contribution (2019) "And then we danced", Finish Oscars Contribution (2019) "Stupid Young Heart", Cameraimage - New Cinematographers “Någonting måste gå sönder” (2014)

Feature Films

And then we danced, Stupid young hearts, Nånting måste gå sönder

Short Films

6A, Den Störste, Baby, Audition, Kevlar, Real Men Smell Like Diesel


Ni ska se att jag har rätt, Dear Director, Lisas känsla


Kajsa Grytt, Zhala, Little Jinder, Bubble