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Lars Reinholdt is a Danish DoP with extensive experience in cinematography. Lars is a sought after DoP by both experienced directors and newcomers. Regardless of the complexity and size of the project, his creative and efficient way of working always matches the requests of production and director.

Lars is a confident and creative team leader who can easily manage large teams, complicated situations and tough production planning.

In addition to Lars’ amazing photography, he is a very good leader. This allows crew and cast to feel appreciated and comfortable, hence helping them to perform their best.

Please visit Lars' website for further information.

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2001 - 2005: The National Filmschool of Denmark as Cinematographer.
1999: The National Filmschool of Czech Repuplic/FAMU. Cinematographer.


2016: “Follow the Money” season II. TV-series. DR Fiction. Director: Mads Thulstrup
2015: “Bron/The Brigde” season III. TV-series. Nimbus Film & Filmlance. Director: Rumle Hammerich
2014 “Where have all the Good Men Gone”. Featurefilm. 88 miles. Director: Rene Frelle Pedersen
2013 “The Mission”, Featurefilm. ASA Productions. Director: Martin Miehe-Renard
2012: ”A Caretakers Tale”. Featurefilm. Zentropa Productions. Director: Katrine Wiedemann
2012: ”Chasing Talents”. Featurefilm. Nimbus Film. Director: Jonatan Spang
2011: ”The Curse”. Shortfilm. SF-Film. Director: Mariella Harpelunde Jensen
2010: ”My Sisters Kids home Alone”. Featurefilm. Thura Film. Director: Martin Miehe-Renard
2010: ”Freedom on Parole”. Featurefilm. Director: Erik Clausen
2009: ”The Protectors 13+14”. TV-series. DR-Fiction. Director: Mads Kamp Thulstrup
2009: ”Profetia”. Featurefilm. Bullitt Film. Director: Johan Melin
2008: “When Heaven Falls”. Fiction. Featurefilm. Zentropa. Director: Manyar I. Parwani.
2007: ”Paradise”. Documentary. Zentropa. Directors: Erland Mo, Jens Loftager & Sami Saif.
2007: ”Meet me in Berlin”. Shortfilm. Super16 + Fine & Mellow. Director: Ada Bligaard Søby.
2007: ”Ibrahim”. Fiction. Zentropa Productions. Director: Manyar I. Parwani.
2006: ”In my World”. Fiction. Shortfilm. Zentropa Productions. Director: Manyar I. Parwani.
2005: ”The Coat”. Fiction. Shortfilm. DR-Drama. Director: Bjørn Kopp.
2005: ”My Beirut”. Documentary. The National Filmschool of Denmark. Director: Boris Bertram.
2005: ”Deadline”. Fiction. Shortfilm. The National Filmschool of Denmark. Director: Emma Balcazar.
2001: ”Birds of Passage”. Fiction, M&M Productions. Director: Vibeke Muasya.
1999: ”Capital Of Memory”. Fiction. Director: Lise Kapper.