James Velasquez

1st Assistant Director


James Velasquez works as a freelance 1st Assistant Director on feature films, commercials and television productions. He began working in the film business in 1995 after graduating from the University of Arizona with a BFA in Media Arts/Filmmaking. He began his career in Los Angeles where he started as a production assistant and quickly worked his way through the ranks as a 3rd Assistant Director and 2nd Assistant Director. Since then, James has worked on over 50 feature films and television productions, both in the US and in Sweden. In 2010, James was selected for and attended the FOCAL Production Value workshop which took place in Retz, Austria. The 7 Day workshop for 1st A.D.’s and Line Producers is sponsored in part by the Swedish Film Institute, FOCAL and Creative Europe MEDIA. James looks at each project as a challenge and a learning opportunity. His organizational skills and ability to solve problems in the moment makes him an asset both on set and at the office. He is extremely proficient in using the Movie Magic scheduling program and 1st A.D. workshops teaching the movie magic program and other 1st A.D. techniques to new and aspiring assistant directors. Giving back is important to James and his growth in the film business. James also writes and directs. He has currently directed music videos for the Swedish artist Darin. He also shot, directed and edited a music documentary for Darin during the Atlantis recording sessions of his first Swedish language album. Currently, James is developing his own pojects and is open to new and interesting directing opportunities. In his free time, James shoots stills, runs 30-40 km a week and travels with his family.

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Mikael Marcimain, Per Fly, Pernilla August, Jens Sjögren, Lena Koppel, Gabriela Pichler, Lisa Aschan, Lisa Siwe, Lukas Moodysson, Simon Kaijser, Jan Troell, Lars Von Trier, Jens Lien (Norge), Erik Poppe (Norge), Emiliano Goessens, Martin Asphaugh, Andrea Östlund, Anders Nilsson, Jens Jonsson, Lance Daly (Irland), Nanna Houlmann, Michael Hjorth, Birger Larsen (Danmark), Magnus Renfors...


Garagefilm, B-Reel, StellaNova, Strix Drama, HobbyFilm, Anagram, Acne Drama, Memfis Film, Filmlance, Hepp film, Drak Film, SVT Drama Göteborg, SVT Drama Stockholm, Götafilm, Paradox (Norge), Tre Vänner, Svensk Filmindustri...