Jaana Fomin

Costume Designer


With over 20 years of experience in feature film, theater, musical, TV and commercial, Jaana masters a broad variety within the spectrum of costume design. In 2005 Jaana received a Guldbagge Award for her work with "Tjenare Kungen". The Jury commented “For infallible sense of time and detail in the clothes”. Jaana’s final collection at Beckmans School of Design in 1993 was awarded “Rookie of the year” by Elle Magazine. When it comes to build characters and tell their story through their costume design, Jaana is outstanding. She works with the smallest detail that creates an interesting character, to the overall style of an entire production.

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Guldbagge - Best Costume Design "Tjenare Kungen" 2005 Guldbagge - Best Costume Desgin "Mammas Pojkar" 2012 - NOMINEE Guldbagge - Best Costume Design "Flykten till framtiden" 2017 - NOMINEE


Flykten till framtiden,Min så kallade pappa (post-production), Mammas pojkar, Solstorm, Allt flyter, Varannan vecka, Tjenare Kungen, Smala Sussie, Den bästa sommaren, Bröllopsfotografen


Cats, Guys and dolls, Svensson Svensson, Blommor av stål, Dödsdansen


Folksam, Sound of Ipren, Ikea, Sverigelotten, Länsförsäkringar


Måns Herngren, Ulf Malmros, Leif Lindblom, Hannes Holm, Jesper Andersson, Markus Ohlsson


Bob Film, Fladen Film, Sandrew Metronome, Memfis, STINK