Inca Leijonborg

Production Designer


Inca Leijonborg started her career working as a Prop Master and Set Designer assistant within commercial and feature film before she took the step to become a Set Designer. She loves to work as a part of the creative team with DoP, director and others, where she feels like an important asset to the team. No work is too small or too big for Inca. One day she's standing on a small production set with few people, and next she's the supervisor for a studio construction along with a whole team. Inca is a well structured Set Designer and has good control of budget and planning. She's always positive and brings great energy to set. Once you've worked with Inca you will want to work with her again - she's a keeper!

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Henrik Hellström, Anders Engström,Jonas Odell, Niklas Fröberg, Josef Fares, Magnus Rehnfors, Joakim Eliasson, Martina Bigert, Johan Tappert, Erik Leijonborg, Roy Andersson, David Berron, Carl Åstrand, Mikael Syrén, Daniel di Grado, Christan Eklöw, Christopher Panov, Birger Larsen, Jimmy Olsson, Harald Hamrell, Rolf Sohlman, Jacob Marky


Statens fastighetsverk, Arla, Fjällfil, IQ, Comviq, Triss, EWC, Findus, K-rauta, TV3, LO, Mitt kök, Disney- Phineas & Ferb, Kexchoklad, Mio Möbler, Pfister,  P3 guld, Let´s dance, Idol, Metro, Allévo, Expressen, Bialetti, Vårdguiden, Aftonbladet


Tjockare än vatten, Jordskott, IRL, Maria Wern, Maria Lang, Mannen under trappan, Livet i Fagervik, Selma, Labyrint, Allt om min buske


Wanner Brothers, Hobby Film, Nice Drama, Bob Film, SVT, Eyeworks, SF, Sandrew Metronome, Social Club, Film de Liberté, Moviola, DI, Palladium Film, Bond Street Film, Fireplace, St Paul Film, Igor Produktion, The Producers, Reel Macoy, La Vida Locash, Lunatic Speed, Pampas