Helene Norberg

Makeup Designer


Helene Norberg has worked as a Makeup Designer since the early 90s. She has a tremendous range and variety in her work as a makeup designer and makeup artist. Whether it’s at a huge musical- or theatre scene, on a film set, at a fashion shoot or behind the scenes at a major TV-gala she always feels right at home. With her substantial knowledge of the industry and her cheerful personality, she’s used to find quick and efficient mask solutions, and she always makes the people she works with happy and relaxed. Helene has extensive experience when it comes to hair and wigs. She’s also great when it comes to understanding and handling different mask parts. She has worked with many of the characters for the humor show "Partaj" and has with limited time and a narrow framework transformed a man from 30 to 100 years old in a commercial for "Euro Jackpot". Regardless time and budget, Helene has a unique ability to create the very best!

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Peter Schilds, Henrik Georgsson, Birger Larsen, Jonas Selberg Augustsén, Bart Timmer, Sebastian Hedin, Jimmy Olsson, Molly Hartleb, Stefan Rood, Per Simonsson, Mårten Klingberg, Rickard Petrelius


Caesar, Maria Lang, Tjuvarnas jul, Cockpit, Fjällbackamorden, Sophelikoptern, LasseMajas detektivbyrå


Partaj på Cirkus, Afrodite Motown, Easter Parade, Priscilla, Spamalot, I hetaste laget


Partaj, Let's Dance, Cancergalan, Kristallengalan, Upp till bevis, Fest hos Bindefeldt, Superlördag


Postnord, Eurojackpot

Production Companies:

Pampas Produktion AB, Bob Film Sweden, AB Svensk Filmindustri, Tre Vänner, Garagefilm, Nordisk Film, Baluba, Mastiff, Bacon, Hobby Film