Emil Klang

Director of Photography FSF


Emil Klang gets on set with the ambition to create a visual aesthetic that underlines the production value of the film. He is driven by the experimentation with new ways of shooting a film - both technically and aesthetically - and he loves directors with a fair share of mind-blowing ideas. Emil shoots promos and commercials as well as art projects and cultural documentaries. With his broad experience from fashion films, Emil is well versed in the delicate techniques of beauty framing and lighting. Emil travels extensively and has been shooting in every continent of the world.

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AEG, Electrolux, IKEA, Stora Enso, Daniel Wellington, Grumme, Wasa, Spotify, Telia, Samsung, NK, Gant, MQ, Viaplay, Converse, Gina Tricot, Grönstedts cognac, Cointreau, Grolsch, Polarn o Pyret, Galliano, Brothers, Fjällfil


Axel Laubscher, Oskar Bård, Karin af Klintberg, Aleksander Bach, Mauri Chifflét, Andreas Öhman, Jane Magnusson, Måns Nyman, Colin Nutley, Niklas Ladberg, Nadja Weiss, Oskar Gullstrand


Cobblestone, Standart, Jarowskij, B-Reel, Acne, Chimney, Hobby Film, Naive, Lillasyster, Thelma/Louise, Opacity Sthlm, Miine, Day, SVT, Eyeworks, Dramaten, No Bad Days