Ebbe Harder

New Talent Costume Designer


Here is one of our most appreciated New Talents; Ebbe Harder has swept us of our feet and with an impressive ambition to learn and grow as a Costume Designer made his way in to the business working on both drama and commercial shoots.

Ebbe has a bachelor degree in fashion studies from the University of Lund. Through the education he possessed knowledge in costume history, well-developed trend analytic skills and understand clothes in a identity practice manner and as a social marker.

Ebbe started off preforming in dragshows as a dancer. He soon ended up designing costumes for the ensemble and had to manage and understand alternative pattern making since he created female clothes made to modify a mans body into a more feminine one.

With his great energy and a humble mind we would be happy to recommend Ebbe to all of our clients!

Have a look at Ebbe's own website!


Staffan Lindberg, Pella Kågerman, Hugo Lilja, Lisa Siwe, Håkan Lindhé, Robin Thunholm, Stefan Roos, Per Simonsson, Albin Ganovic, Daniel Mattila

Production Companies

Jarowskij, Meta Film, Miso Film, Nordisk Film och TV praktik, Candy Club, Drag Me Away Productions, Film de Liberte