Ebbe Harder

New Talent Costume Designer


Here is one of our most appreciated New Talents; Ebbe Harder has swept us of our feet and with an impressive ambition to learn and grow as a Costume Designer made his way in to the business working on both drama and commercial shoots.

Ebbe has a bachelor degree in fashion studies from the University of Lund. Through the education he possessed knowledge in costume history, well-developed trend analytic skills and understand clothes in a identity practice manner and as a social marker.

Ebbe started off preforming in dragshows as a dancer. He soon ended up designing costumes for the ensemble and had to manage and understand alternative pattern making since he created female clothes made to modify a mans body into a more feminine one.

With his great energy and a humble mind we would be happy to recommend Ebbe to all of our clients!

Have a look at Ebbe's own website!


Staffan Lindberg, Pella Kågerman, Hugo Lilja, Lisa Siwe, Håkan Lindhé, Robin Thunholm, Stefan Roos, Per Simonsson, Albin Ganovic, Daniel Mattila

Production Companies:

Jarowskij, Meta Film, Miso Film, Nordisk Film och TV praktik, Candy Club, Drag Me Away Productions, Film de Liberte