Daniela Mengarelli

Makeup designer & Wigmaker


Daniela is a well trained wigmaker, taught by the great Julia Mengarelli, and has a degree from STDH in Make up design. She has worked in institutions like Stockholms Stadsteater and The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm and is a well sought creative on both commercial and feature work. The key to her creativity is to never stop develop and to find new context’s to create magic. Daniella is an open minded, humble person and in every way a great asset on set!

Daniela's IMDb!


Lars Rudolfsson, Emma Bucht, Pia Jansson, Levan Akin, Staffan Lindberg, Harald Hamrell, Mårten Klingberg, Pernilla August etc..

Production Companies

Garage Film, Stellanova, Stadsteatern, B-Reel, RMV Film, Blixten & Co, Rikseatern, SVT, Orionteatern etc..