Carl Rasmussen

Director of Photography


Carl has been photographing for as long as he can remember, and even though he now works as a cinema photographer he also loves to take still images. He has worked with practically all the media formats available today.

Before taking the step to become DoP, he built his career by assisting several of the absolute most credited DoP´s, his CV comprises both feature films, TV-series and commercials on a higher level. Due to his youth this experience already makes him a well acknowledged and reputable photographer within filmmaking.

Carl is an adventurous guy. You can find him mountain climbing or flying helicopter as well as on the red carpet. He’s great company, has a great sense of humor as well as a contagious laugh. His optimism and attitude makes him an easy going and appreciated member of the crew.

Every opportunity Carl gets he always travels to a place near the water – he has a diver certificate and a skipper exam.

We are very proud to have him onboard the Magnolia ship!

Carls own website


Lars Von Trier, Tommas Alfredsson, Mikael Marciman, Erik Skjoldberg, Dennis Petersen, Kristian Petri, Henrik O Andersson, Ella Lemhagen, Gorki Glaser Müller, Agneta Fagerström, Beata Gårdinge, Filip Nilsson, Alexander Moberg, Johan Kling, Sanna Lenken, Lisa Siwe, Ylva Gustavsosn, Anna-Carin Andersson, Åke Sandgren, Markus Johnson, ‘Castro’ Chris Westerström, Musse Hasselvall, Ragnar De Marzio, Tova M Nordling, Lisa J Larsson, Lasse Ohlsson, Simon Staho, Björn runge, Anders Thomas Jensen, Håkon Liu, Måns Månsson, Fredrik Edfeldt & Bille August.


Breel, Acne, One Night Light, GGM, WOF, Folkefilm, Fortune Cookie, SVT, Les Films D’Antoine, Friland, Pandora Filmproduction, Zentropa, Film De Liberté, Lucky Punk, Filmlance, Bobbfilm, Stark, Edithouse, Garagefilm, Tre Vänner & Efti.