Camilla Olai-Lindblom

Costume Designer


Camilla was educated at Esmod in Oslo, and started her career within the costume department at Filmparken. Since then she’s been working as a costume designer on a countless number of feature films, commercials and TV-serials, she is the costume designer behind the Oscar nominated production "A Man Called Ove"

She is based in Stockholm but works all over Scandinavia. She’s positive, energetic, and just loves working with the color compositions, the visual expression and the development of a character that costume design is all about.

Camilla also very much appreciates the collaboration with the director, the actors, the makeup designers and the rest of the team and is known for taking the costume to a higher level with that very own edge she has, without for that matter lose credibility in the characters she creates.

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Hannes Holm, Ole Endresen, Lisa Gamlem, Terje Rangnes, Arild Frølich, Grethe Bøe, Stig Svendsen, Erik Richter Strand, Vibeke Idsøe, Aksel Hennie, Simen Alsvik, Maggie Bergheim, Steinar Borge, Trygve Allister Disen, Anette Ostrø, Margeret Olin, Hisham Zaman, Vibeke Ringen, Eva Dahr, Christian Brym, Sara Johnsen, Jens Lien, Eva Isaksen, Erik Poppe, Eva Søhaug, Marius Holst, Hans-Petter Moland, Morten Tyldum, Peder Norlund, Glenn Huth Mæland, Nicolai Cleve Broch, Geir HørnesDRAMA Lilyhammer season 2 & 3, Spesialenheten, Den unge Flexsnes, Eventyr, Drømmefangeren, God Kveld Dagfinn


Freia, Kiwi, Nidar, Cheez Doodles, Sparebank1, Vinmonopolet, Norvegia, Hofseth, Glide, God Fisk, Flax


4 1/2 Fiksjon, Paradox, Folk Flest, Nordisk Film, Torden Film, Filmkamratene, Rubicon, SF-Norge, Thats Entertainment, Mirmar Film, Speranza Film, Dinamo Story, Happy Endings, Friland Film, Motlys, Maipo, Pravda, The Directory