Calle Persson

Director Of Photography FSF


Calle Persson grew up in a film family. His father is a well known swedish DoP and his mother worked as a continuity, script supervisor. He started out in the 90’s as a clapper loader, continued as 1’st assistant cameraman/focuspuller until he began to work as DoP himself in the mid 2000 century. Calle works magic with light - the key to get the right mood for that special scene and for the film. He likes taking advantage of natural light, to build the scenery around that and to experiment with different lighting and camera movements to heighten the feeling. He loves handheld camera and is great at working fast in time limited situations. He's the calm in the storm when most needed. When not working you might find him racing some sort of vehicle. He loves sports, especially motor sports and bicycle racing.

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