Betsy Ångerman

Production Designer


Betsy was trained at The American Film Institute in Los Angeles and began her Production Design career in LA in the happy 90s. She later moved to Stockholm, bringing the knowledge from the land of movies with her. She carries extensive experience in Production Design for commercial, feature film and TV, and covers a variation of styles and genres. From her years as Fashion Designer she brings her expertise on fabrics into Production Design and she has a strong sense for the filmic expression. Betsy makes her presentations in 3D – which has a calming effect on customers. Her strength is her technical knowledge, economic security and that she always delivers professionally. No matter what, Betsy always solves the problem and brings great energy to set!

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SJ, Eon, Saarioinen, Supersavertravel, Helsingin Sanomat, Grandiosa, Arla, Rusta, KLM, Röda Korset, Triss, Betsafe, Canal Digital, Blåkläder, Fedex, Viking Line, Bauhaus, Fonecta, Apoteket, Nokia, Diners Club, VW, Alaska Airlines, Pepsi 


Måns Mårlind&Björn Stein, Lisa Siwe, Jens Sjögren, Joachim Trier, Oskar Bård, Jonas Odell, Magnus Renfors, Patrik Eklund, Markus Virpiö, Carl Sundemo, Jörgen Lööf, Johan Perjus, Nikita, Markus Virpiö, Walter Söderlund, Rafael Edholm, Axel Laubscher, Johan Brisinger, Bob Giraldi, Joe Pytka


Midnattssol, Glada hälsningar från Missångerträsk, The Grump, Mörkt vatten, The path of the righteous men, NDA, Kiss of Evil, Isabella


Nice Drama, Hasan Motions, Magic Productions, Hobby Film, Aspekt, B-Reel, Palladium, Atmosfär, One Big Happy Family, Also Starring, Giraldi Suarez Productions, Pytka