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Anton is known for his passion for his work and for bringing a big smile to set. Early in his career he got the chance to work with very experienced people and great productions. Taking with him what he learned and his own experience Anton has built up a wide understanding and has an eye for creating the illusion that we call film.

Anton is always seeking new knowledge, in new areas. "If you don’t know something, you have to find a way to learn it." That has become a way of living for Anton, with a new hobby almost every month.

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Production Companies

Friland AS, GötaFilm, Zentropa, Illusion Film, FASAD, Filmlance, Columbia Pictures, Bob Film, Tre Vänner, SF, Chamdin & Stöhr, SVT, Eyeworks, Nice Drama, Acne Production, Acne Digital, Palladium Fiction, Indio Group, Josef Fares Films, Standart


Fredrik Edfeldt, Kicki Kjellin, Walter Söderlund, Lars Von Trier, David Fincher, Jan Troell, Magnus von Horn, Björn Stein, Måns Mårlind, Adam Berg, Josef Fares, Amir Chamdin, Marcus Svanberg, Jens Lien, Babak Najafi, Ulf Kvensler, Staffan Lindberg, Lisa James-Larsson, Jonathan Sjöberg, Oskar Mellander, Catti Edfeldt, Henrik Björn, Erik Leijonborg, Anders Engström