Anja Ullberg

Director of Photography


Anja grew up in an artistic environment surrounded by artists, photographers and designers. As early as at the age of eleven she began to photograph. Her weekend entertainment during her childhood entailed visiting museums and art gallery openings.In 2003 she moved to Thailand and began her career as an underwater DoP. After seven years amongst sharks, sea turtles and other underwater creatures she moved back home to Stockholm (to our delight). After returning home, being the camera nerd that she is, she worked extra as DIT and Technical Manager at a post production company alongside her own filming.Anja's strengths as DoP are foremost her image composition and storytelling. She has a keen interest in set and sound design and her tremendous knowledge and interest in technology enables her to see opportunity over difficulty. She is responsive and flexible, and excellent at problem solving. Anja has got extensive experience of filming in ambient light, which is a real strength when it comes to documentary filming- although regardless of genre she handles her photo with brilliance.Anja own website


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